Monday, June 22

Super-Massive Black Holes: Mass and Spin Evolution

G. Kauffmann       Differences between radio-loud and radio-quiet AGN: the view from SDSS (pdf)
M. Colpi           Binary black holes in gaseous circum-nuclear disks: linking spin and
                   accretion to dynamics.
M. Volonteri       Evolution of black hole spins (pdf)
M. Begelman        Supermassive stars and quasistars as BH precursors (pdf)
N. Fanidakis       AGN in hierarchical galaxy formation models (pdf)
M. Labita          Downsizing of supermassive black holes from the SDSS quasar survey: The 
                   RLQ-RQQ differentiation
D. Alexander       Evidence for large-scale energetic outflows in z~2 radio-quiet AGNs (pdf)
H. Spoon           Mid-IR kinematic evidence for outflows in ULIRGs

Accretion and Outflows

D. Proga           Dynamics of Accretion Flows and Outflows in AGN (pdf)
K. Pounds          How energetic are the fast ionised outflows in AGN? (pdf)
J. Reeves          Compton Thick Winds in Type I AGN (pdf)
T.J. Turner        New Results on the Importance of X-ray Absorption in AGN (pdf)
L. Miller          Winds from AGN seen in X-ray absorption
V. Braito          Gaining new insight on the absorbing matter in Seyfert 2 Galaxies
C.M. Gaskell       Inflow of the Broad Line Region and Torus
D. Grupe           The Big-Blue-Bump in Soft X-ray Selected AGN observed by Swift
J. Ferreira        Jet Emitting Discs: a new accretion flow solution 

Tuesday, June 23


R. Narayan          GRMHD simulations of jets formation
K. Ohsuga           Global Radiation-MHD Simulations of Black Hole Accretion Flow and Outflow
                    Unified Model of Three States
K.I. Kellerman      The Acceleration and Collimation of AGN Jets (pdf)
Y.Y. Kovalev        The relation between AGN gamma-ray emission measured by Fermi and 
                    parsec-scale radio jets
F. Yuan             An MHD model for the formation of episodic jets
S.S. Lee            Compact radio jets on sub-parsec scales (pdf)
S. Buttiglione      Optical spectroscopy of 3CR sources: accretion and jet launching in radio
                    galaxies (pdf)
F.K. Schinzel       Three Decades of Very Long Baseline Interferometry Monitoring of the
                    Parsec-Scale Jet in 3C 345 (pdf)

Jets: continued

A. Celotti          The Power of Jets
G. Fossati          Blazar Demographics and Sequence with Fermi (pfd)
T. Boutelier        An inhomogeneous jet model for VHE emission from blazars
M. Georganopoulos   How much light was produced since the Universe was born? Finally, a way
                    to measure it
M. Guainazzi        The X-ray view of compact radio galaxies: new clues on the origin of the 
                    radio power in the Universe (pdf)
R. Sambruna         The disk-jet connection in X-rays: Suzaku view of Broad-Line Radio Galaxies
M. Gliozzi          PKS 0558-504: an ideal laboratory to study the accretion-ejection link (pdf)
E. Trussoni         Accretion and jet powers in low-power VCC radio galaxies (pdf)
J. Malzac           Jet disk coupling in black hole binaries 

Wednesday, June 24

News from the gamma-ray sky

G. Tosti             Fermi/LAT observations of AGNs: First results
M. Beilicke          AGN observations with VERITAS (pdf)
F. Volpe             Overview of the recent AGN observations with H.E.S.S. (pdf)
D. Mazin             MAGIC observations of AGNs: scientific highlights
S. Vercellone        Long-term gamma-ray and multiwavelength observations of 3C 454.3
G. Ghisellini        The Fermi blazars’ divide (pdf)

Thursday, June 25

News from the gamma-ray sky: continued

F. D’Ammando         Not only once: the amazing gamma-ray activity of the blazar PKS 1510-089 (pdf)
L. Foschini          Fermi/LAT discovery of gamma-ray emission from a relativistic jet in the
                     Narrow-Line Quasar PMNJ0948+0022 (pdf)
L. Fuhrmannn         Fermi/LAT and multi-wavelength observations of quasar 3C 454.3 during the
                     2008 outburst
E. Bonning           Correlated variability in the blazar 3C 454.3
S. Wagner            The relationship between optical synchrotron and GeV gamma-ray variability
                     in Blazars
G. Madejski          Fermi LAT measurements of blazar spectra and implications on the source
D. Paneque           Fermi view of the classical TeV High Peak BL Lacs (pdf)
M. Giroletti         Radio emission from Fermi AGNs and its relation to the gamma-ray

Feed-back from AGN

T. Heckman           The Co-Evolution of Bulges & Black Holes
A. King              Black Hole Feedback in AGN
K. Schawinski        Do AGN Suppress Star Formation? (pdf)
A. Siemiginowska     Intermittent Activity of Jets in AGN (pdf)
A.D. Kapinska        Birth and evolution of radio galaxies
A. Socrates          The Eddington Limit in Cosmic Rays (pdf)
A. Antonuccio-Delogu Global self-regulation of AGN activity 

Friday, June 26

The Radio-Loud / Radio-Quiet Dichotomy

L. Stawarz           Radio quiet vs. radio loud AGN: what makes the difference? (pdf)
D. Evans             The Chandra HETG and Suzaku View of the NLR and Radio-Loud/Radio-Quiet
                     Dichotomy in AGN (pdf)
F. Panessa           The radio and X-ray coupling in radio quiet AGN (pdf)
M.A. Prieto          High spatial resolution spectral-energy-distributions of radio-quiet 
                     vs. radio-loud AGN (pdf)
I.W.A. Browne        A dichotomy in jet orientations in elliptical galaxies
J. Sulentic          An Empirical (4DE1) Approach to the RL-RQ Dichotomy
A. Merloni           A synthetic view of AGN evolution and supermassive black holes growth (pdf)